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Absolutely life changing

I, Amy Beth Allan, write this reference in extreme support of Christiane Zeithammel, I was diagnosed with Coranary artirey callifacation dissease 2 and a half years ago. My Cardiologist gave me under 5 years survival rate. A friend suggested I hire a private nurse or Doula as I was very frightened and had no idea of how to deal with this. I have 2 Children on the autism spectrum another Daughter who struggles to communicate sad feelings and a Husband also many friends. It was important to me to support my family and friends and not leave people tramatized. I come from a family of origin of abuse and trauma . No extended family due to this. So it was extremely important to me that everyone be ok to continue on and also that I pass with as much peace as possible. I interviewed many people from different organizations in the city of Ottawa. I was bewildered as to the controlling and misunderstanding there was about peaceful dying with dignity. I gave up. Then I found Christiane. From our first day together before she even spoke her beautiful peaceful energy radiated from her. My husband who can be very judgemental in times of stress adored her . Christiane is allways on time. She is extremely trustworthy and kind. I once paid her to much she immediately gave it back and I wanted her to keep it. She refused. I believe Christiane does the work she does because it is her calling and she really cares. Because of her my fear has lessened. I feel equipped to deal with my illness . I make jokes again and I have learned so very much.

Christiane is a wonderful educator. She totally empowers people. I would highly recommend Christiane to work with the vulnerable sector . Men Women Seniors Children or families of any sort. Christiane meets people exzactly where they are and surrounds them with love and saftey. She doesn’t waste a minute and teaches how to enjoy life again. I smile when ever I think of her. In closing I encourage anyone looking for support to look no further than Christiane. You won’t be disappointed. Absolutely life changing.

Amy Beth Allan