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About us

Death and dying is a time that deserves reverence.

We all have the right to a death that is dignified. A departure where we are held and supported, with kindness, compassion, honor and love, and where all of our needs are wholly, and positively met.

It is time to return to the natural process of death in a meaningful way, to bring back the light and celebrate the love that has brought us together in the journey we call life and the journey we call death.

At Death Doula Ottawa we provide support from diagnosis to death through knowledge of the dying process, by offering loving care, a listening ear, heartfelt dialogue and counsel with a human touch.

Our doulas are certified Death Doulas, trained hospice volunteers and “retired” nurses.



Christiane Zeithammel

Christiane is a Death Doula, a graduate of the Insitute of Traditional Medicine and a former registered nurse, After walking the death path professionally and personally Christiane found that in a clinical setting we are often alone at the time of death. With a belief that we can do better, Christiane walks alongside the dying and their loved ones, to fully support a process of courage and peace, peace within the heart and mind.


Lisa Rhoades

Lisa is a trained Death Doula, who graduated from the Institute for Traditional Medicine in Toronto Canada in 2016. She is a hospice volunteer and a dying well advocate. Lisa provides thoughtful and respectful guidance and support to families with the goal to ease the journey from care and grief towards acceptance and healing.


Debbie Charbonneau

As a Death Doula, Debbie combines her abilities, knowledge, and experience to guide those who wish to explore and engage with the cycle of life, dying and death. A graduate of the Contemplative End of Life Care Program of the Institute of Traditional Medicine in Toronto, as well as the Algonquin College Palliative Care Certificate program in Ottawa, Debbie weaves formal education with hands-on experience garnered by volunteering in hospice. She also has extensive studies in global shamanic and wisdom practices, including certification as an Archetypal Consultant through the Sacred Contract Program at CMED Institute. Her services include practical as well as heart-centered end of life conversations, meditative work, and other wisdom and energetic processes. Just as each person’s journey is unique, so is the environment that is co-created to meet the needs of the individuals involved.


Joey Ward

Joey is a certified End of Life Doula (EOLD), a graduate from Douglas College and a retired geriatric nurse. She provides mediation, emotional support and advocacy to ensure that the dying person’s wishes are honoured. Facing the last transition in life can be a very emotional and challenging time for the dying and their loved ones. Joey considers it an honour to hold space in that journey and does so with compassion and integrity. Joey also specializes in meditation, relaxation massage and laughter yoga, which she incorporates, when appropriate, in her practice.